Extremely popular with consumers facing a urine screening, but effective for anyone wishing to detoxify their system. Each bottle contains 40 all-natural capsules, filled with only the finest grade botanicals.

Made from all natural herbal ingredients, Quick-Detox is more than effective than any other detox supplement, without any harmful chemicals

No matter of where we are and where we work, it always seems as though others place restrictions on what can we do in our own time. Weve heard a story or was the victim of a loss of their jobs because of unfair inaccurate drug tests. More than half the time we are wrongly accused of false positive drug test results, which could easily be due to a medical prescription or as general as the over-excessive cold, flu and allergy medications. Now, thanks to Quick-Detox, you will not have to worry about what you do in your private time, affect your career. Unlike most detoxification products, which should be used, at least one week before the tests are Quick-Detox completely flushes your system for only two hours, all traces of dirt.

Our chemists are proud of the fact that all used products are made only from the finest ingredients available. In contrast, 90% of the cleaning products you can buy, Quick-Detox contains no fillers, NO lubricant without additives, that can be detected in modern drug tests. Rapid Detox contains 100% of recommended daily intake of vitamins and essential minerals. Due to the flushing process of ridding your body of certain nutrients, it is important to replenish them. Since low levels of certain vitamins and minerals may increase the suspicion testing personnel.

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Jeoff, 28. After taking Quick-Detox I got a positive result on a work urine test and this resulted in keeping my job as I already had two verbal warnings. You have a greatly appreciative customer here, who will be coming back for more!

Matt, 32. You guys are life savers! I had 48 hours before my urine test, I got online and saw your product and ordered it straight away, it was here within 24 hours, and I passed with flying colours!